Unsent Letters (childishgrin) wrote,
Unsent Letters

Oye, oye, oye...

Who else thinks I need to post up all my fics from ff.net over here too?

*scratches head*

En tout cas, just to also say that my 'personal'-lj has recently gone from the very outdated-from-my-early-high-school-years-even-though-it-was-created-in-college mystike to the hey-since-I'm-starting-university-and-am-in-need-or-some-change forcemysmile.

Mouais, mouais, mouais. C'est tout?

C'est tout.

*starts organizing her fics archive*

-(a very sick) Viv
[October 5, 2005]

First time not posting a fic/poem here. Waoh.

[edit - 18:53]
I never realized how many entries for Simple Plan fics I had until now!

Oooof, all I need now is to archive the rest of my stuff from ff.net over to here.
[/end edit]
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