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Bonjour, and welcome to Viv's little writing pad. This is where she sends all her fics, a few poems and songs (and maybe some essays and such later on).

If you want an easier way to find your way around (wow, twice the same word), or if you're simply too lazy to search through hers fics, the archives section is my memories. Everything filed there is hers, unless you find entries marked under the keyword misc. Those are from outside this writing journal that she has found touching, funny, amusing, or downright CUUUUUTE! and whatever else you can think of and (mostly) has to do with slash/yaoi/shonen ai.

And yes, she does write het fics. They're just not all posted here yet (had yet the time to do so), but are on her ff.net account.

-Viv, aka childishgrin, offthesidelines or mystike forcemysmile

PS1. Before reading a fic, Viv strongly suggest that her readers take a look at the notes at its beginning so that they don't start screaming things like "ah! my virgin eyes!", "wtf? homo boys?" or "how dare you make my favorite character/person evil?!" and decide to sue her. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

PS2. Feel free to add that journal to your list if you’re also an LJ user. I will probably not add you back however (so don't feel offended), since it’s a 'PUBLIC' LJ and I only use it to post my fics or read other stories and comment. Actually, the only ones I'll add to my friend list would be other writing journals.

If you’re not an LJ user, just save this link somewhere and leave a name or your ff.net username (or wherever else you got this link from) whenever you comment if you want there to be something for me to remember you by. I usually reply here.

Enjoy and leave some feedbacks/constructive criticisms/requests.

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    Hi! um... I started reading your story but got side tracted and was just checking how far you got or if I could get a link. Really love the story!
    and yeah....I'll go now.

    Thanks for the comment!

    I posted a link to the archives in my entry right above, everything that I've written and posted has been categorized there (to my memories). "The Last Day" is up to chapter 8 now, unfortunetly it's on hiatus for now, since I still need to sort some details with this fic and some others.

    Don't hesitate to leave me any thoughts on any of my other fics thuogh! :D
    Hi~! I'm Seto's Darkness from ff.net and I read (and promptly fell in love! XD) with your SlamDunk fanfic, Kisses :D

    So~ yeah. I'd like to friend you~! ^__^
    go right ahead.

    Though i'd have to tell you i won't be adding you back. it's not something personal, really, it's just that i don't this lj for anything other than readings fics or mangas. (I forgot to write that in this entry, although it is in my profile page.)

    Have fun! I'm glad you liked Kisses... if you have any suggestions on what kiss i should write, do tell! I have a few ideas but it's still rather vague... and Kisses has been waiting for a year now!


    January 21 2008, 13:47:54 UTC 10 years ago

    I'm sorry for this in inconvenience ....

    Can you reupload "Pathos" vol 2 ... I just found out your site so that the host of vol 2 deleted it .

    If you can , thank you very much ...
    I'm sorry, I don't have it anymore.
    Dear Viv, I've read all of your fics and really impressed with the 2 fics "Comfort" and "Remembering". So impress that it makes me wanna translate them into my own language (it's Vietnamese). Would you mind if I do that? I'll post also the link to your fics in my website. I'll really appreciate your kindness. Wait for you to reply.
    Are you serious? That would be so cool. Could I have the link to your website though?

    Are you living in Vietnam now? Because I'm FrancoCanadian, but of 3/4 Vietnamese origins (some Chinese and bits of french). Unfortunately I've never been to my parents' country yet. While I speak viet fluently enough, reading is a challenge and writing... I just completely suck at.
    Dear Viv,

    You have a Vietnamese blood, oh, it's great. The fact that you can speak Vietnamese fluently is enough for you to visit your parents' country ^^. I live in Vietnam, I'm studying in RMIT university. And you, how old are you? Can you give me your real name? My Vietnamese name is Thanh.

    I posted my translation in my blog a long time ago. Im sorry because I didnt ask for your permission to translate at that time. I hope you're not angry. If you dont mind, i will send the link of my blog to you so you can read my translation, ok?

    I would've prefered you asked before you posted it, but it's fine. And yes, I'd like to get the link, that way I can also put it in my post. :)

    I'm 23, studying at Concordia University, but I did elementary (1-6) and high school (7-12) in french. Are you... 20?

    Dear Van, sorry again for my mistake. I should ask you for the first time.

    Yes, I'm 20, how can you know? Woa, what a surprise for me to know that you spent nearly most of your study from elementary to high school in France. Then you move to Canada for university, right? So at the end, which country is your real hometown, France or Canada?

    You should at least once come to visit Vietnam. Although it's still a developing country but I still love it more than any country in the world. Not that it's my own country but i used to study abroad in Australia and at the time in there, my mind and heart were always in Vietnam. When I came back, I felt like just throw away a big rock on my shoulder. Sorry but I cant stand the way of the western people live and treat the others, so cold and suspicious even with their family and friends.

    Hope that one day you come to Vietnam and we can meet.

    Oh, this is the link of my blog, i write all in Vietnamese, my writing is not so good, so please bear with it, my translation entry of your fic is the last in this page

    I guessed 20 from your username.

    And I've spent all my life in Canada. There are many French-speaking schools here, especially in the province of Quebec - which is where I'm from. As for going to VN, i'd need the money first. ^_^'

    Well we were raised in different environment so I can't really tell you that I can agree with you, considering that I am somewhat of a westerner myself. I'm guessing you might have been unlucky and met the wrong people. In my case, it's more like my parents who often were (and are) the rock on my shoulder. Strange thing to say, I know, but that's how it is for me.

    You should come to Montreal one day. :)

    Deleted comment

    Waah! Excuse-moi pour le retard. Tu peux me les envoyer à nguviv@yahoo.ca