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Bonjour, and welcome to Viv's little writing pad. This is where she sends all her fics, a few poems and songs (and maybe some essays and such later on).

If you want an easier way to find your way around (wow, twice the same word), or if you're simply too lazy to search through hers fics, the archives section is my memories. Everything filed there is hers, unless you find entries marked under the keyword misc. Those are from outside this writing journal that she has found touching, funny, amusing, or downright CUUUUUTE! and whatever else you can think of and (mostly) has to do with slash/yaoi/shonen ai.

And yes, she does write het fics. They're just not all posted here yet (had yet the time to do so), but are on her ff.net account.

-Viv, aka childishgrin, offthesidelines or mystike forcemysmile

PS1. Before reading a fic, Viv strongly suggest that her readers take a look at the notes at its beginning so that they don't start screaming things like "ah! my virgin eyes!", "wtf? homo boys?" or "how dare you make my favorite character/person evil?!" and decide to sue her. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

PS2. Feel free to add that journal to your list if you’re also an LJ user. I will probably not add you back however (so don't feel offended), since it’s a 'PUBLIC' LJ and I only use it to post my fics or read other stories and comment. Actually, the only ones I'll add to my friend list would be other writing journals.

If you’re not an LJ user, just save this link somewhere and leave a name or your ff.net username (or wherever else you got this link from) whenever you comment if you want there to be something for me to remember you by. I usually reply here.

Enjoy and leave some feedbacks/constructive criticisms/requests.

  • Poems
  • RPS: K-POP Super Junior
  • RPS: K-POP SHINee (more on tumblr)
  • RPS: Fall Out Boy
  • RPS: Matchbook Romance
  • RPS: Simple Plan
  • RPS: Simple Plan/Good Charlotte
  • RPS: Simple Plan/Yellowcard
  • Yaoi: Fruits Basket
  • Yaoi: Slam Dunk
  • Yaoi: Viewfinder
  • Yaoi: xxxHolic
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Ranma 1/2
  • Sailor Moon
  • The unfinished/yet uncategorized: Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Once & Again, MM Power Rangers, LOTR, Anime/manga, etc @ ff.net

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