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Quiet Words

They're still... unwritten.

Unsent Letters
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These are my words.
This is my writing journal.

Basically, I use this journal mainly post/read fanfics/stories, to go through manga and (recently) k-pop communities as well as to feed my love for yaoi/BL and spazzing over my biases.

My 'normal' livejournal: here here.
My 'art/graphic' livejournal: here.
My greatestjournal: here [comment to be added].
Other fanfics of mine: here [features fandoms such as Smallville, Fruits Basket, MM Power Rangers, Gilmore Girls and etc.]
Tumblr: ChildishGrin


Feel free to add that journal to your list if you’re also an LJ user. I will probably not add you back however (so don't feel offended), since it’s a 'PUBLIC' LJ and I only use it to post my fics or read other stories and comment. Actually, the only ones I'll add to my friend list would be other writing journals.

If you’re not an LJ user, just leave a name/username (if we're members on common websites) whenever you comment if you want there to be something for me to remember you by.

Take care!</font>